Close Variant Match Type: Time to Benchmark is Now!

close-variant-match-typeWith the recent announcement that at the end of September Google will remove the ability for search marketers to opt out of close variant matching for exact and phrase keywords, there is less than a month away to benchmark the impact of this change before it is gone for good.

When Google first implemented the close variant match type feature in 2012, which enables search queries that contain plurals, abbreviations and misspellings to trigger exact match or phrase match ads, 80% of search advertisers began using it (granted, using it by default since they have to manually opt out to disable it).  Continue reading

Enhanced Campaigns: What it means for KPIs

Google Enhanced CampaignsWith the July 22nd deadline looming for Google switching their UI over to Enhanced Campaigns, most search marketers are focused on migrating their campaigns over and benchmarking their performance pre and post Enhanced.

From an agency point of view, there are two intense levels of interest.  The search marketers are learning the ins and outs of the UI and doing the physical work necessary to move these campaigns over.  The marketers are watching performance to see how KPIs will be impacted from Enhanced. Continue reading