Real-Time Marketing: How to Leverage a Sudden Surge in Impressions

Real time marketing leverages a surge in impressionsOne of the hottest trends in digital right now is real-time marketing.   The goal of real-time marketing is to leverage an abberationally high level of impressions in order to yield sales.

We are in the midst of one of those moments in which back-to-school searches and social impressions are at their peak for the year.  By now, most retailers for whom back to school matters have already built strategies and are executing against them in an attempt to win the highest impression share possible on key terms.  Other important retail events that drive huge impression volume throughout the year are Continue reading

Back To School Marketing: Perspective Behind the Numbers

Back to school marketingFor years, online retailers have studied Back-to-School data in order to ensure impression share on Paid Search is maximized when people are searching and, more importantly, shopping.

Having three school-aged children of my own has given me real-world perspective on the numbers, but it wasn’t until my twins went off to college that the buying cycles and patterns of the full Back-to-School audience became clear to me. Following is a chart from PMD’s 2014 Back-to-School study that illustrates the buying patterns as they pertain to K-12 and College. Continue reading